Shihab began its business as a trading & insurance company in 1953, and it was founded by Mr. Omar Abdulaziz Shehab who became later the Minister of Finance and the first Arab President of the Chamber of Commerce in Aden.   

Between 1953 and 1960, our business grew and it became one of the biggest trading and industrial businesses in south Yemen. It represented many international companies in the field of travels, insurance and industry including international companies such as Parcels & General (British) Co. and Sun Alliance Co., and British, Swiss and USA FMCG companies such as Mackintosh York, Colgate, Palmolive, Pepsi Cola Nestle, Nespray, Rowuntree, Borden Co. , B.V.

After 1967, our business moved to the north part of Yemen due to the nationalization of most private business's properties in South Yemen. In north Yemen, the company worked in the trade of consumer products, and became after the Yemeni unity in 1990 one of the biggest companies in the distribution and marketing of fast moving consumer goods. Its employs more than 700 people, own 210 vehicle and seven branches in main provinces it operate on Oracle e-business suit and effectively employs information technology in all aspects of its business.